Holding Kimia Gostar Tiraje Company (KGT) contains a set of companies operating in the petrochemical, oil, minerals, raw materials and food which was established in 2010 to produce and trade goods with a view to export the products from Iran to the rest of the world. The company is one of the top holding companies in Iran for production and export of goods to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and CIS by having qualified personnel in the field of production and trade.

Always the successful holding companies follow the same model, including 3 principles of vision of value creation, distinct organizational characteristics and business center. Staff's monitoring styles also are applied based on two components "quality and planning" (on strategic planning, strategic management and financial control).

The company's main strategy is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to create a reliable base from happy and satisfied customers of products and services at different levels.

Petroleum and petrochemical:

KGT is one of the main suppliers of this product having the stock and long-term contract with Petroleum Oil Refinery in the fields of production and distribution of petroleum, petrochemical and oil products in the Middle East. KGT Trading Company was formed with the aim of working in the field of international business. The company is engaged in activities in international markets and it works as a commercial enterprise in the field of petrochemical with manufacturing companies and supports them in the best way. The main area of ​​activities of the company is mainly dealing in chemicals, aromatics, petroleum products, polymers, LPG and fertilizers.

Minerals and raw materials:

In the area of ​​ minerals trade and supply, the company is ready to supply and transfer any mineral raw materials with high quality and international standards   having the stock over 15 active mines in Iran and long-term contracts with other Iranian mines. Mining processed metal and non-metal raw materials and related industrial branches to industrial productions have value-added chain and participation in development projects and playing a major role in the growth of the company in the use of non-metallic minerals. So it tries to acquire the latest technologies and technical knowledge in the field in which the company has competitive advantage. And it is ready for any economic and technical cooperation agreements in the field of industry and mining.