A mission statement is a statement which is used as a way of communicating the purpose

Providing the products and services with high quality and superior value based on the motivated and innovative staff that make national and international customer satisfied and promoting the welfare of employees so that all know us with sustainable growth, market leadership, trusted brands and a commitment to ethical values and social responsibility.
KGT Company is looking for maximum value through the value chain development and increasing competitive and sustainable advantage at international level as a market-driven corporation, leader in the petroleum, petrochemical and minerals industry, raw materials and food and suppliers of various products. The company considers itself to meet the expectations of stakeholders, sustainable and safe production, and social responsibilities by taking advantage of the unique position of Iran and taking advantage of the valuable human capital.
We pride our self as a company that the society knows us as the authentic, transformational, agile, dynamic, entrepreneurial and respecting company to civil rights and we realize a remaining long way and our heavy responsibilities.