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Our vision is to deliver world-class services to our clients across key market segments.

Holding KEY GATE TRADING Company (KGT) contains a set of companies operating in the petrochemical, oil, minerals, raw materials, and food which was established in 2010 to produce and trade goods with a view to trading the products. The company is one of the top holding companies for the production and trading of goods to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and CIS by having qualified personnel in the field of production and trade.

Always the successful holding companies follow the same model, including 3 principles of vision of value creation, distinct organizational characteristics, and business center. Staff's monitoring styles also are applied based on two components "quality and planning" (on strategic planning, strategic management, and financial control).

The company's main strategy is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to create a reliable base from happy and satisfied customers of products and services at different levels.

We are the world class engineering manufacturer providing
the highest quality products.