In addition, with its association with major suppliers worldwide,  KGT oil  can arrange for bunker requirements at major bunkering ports ranging from Japan to Australia, US to Russia and Africa to ports all over India. Our professionals on call are able to cater to almost any bunkering needs around the world keeping your financial and specific requirements at the forefront.

KGT Oil is supplier and manufacturer of bitumen base oil  naphtha fuel oil polymer sulphur in India UAE

KGT oil, we are on call 24 x 7 to attend to customer requirements. As in shipping every minute counts and time is expensive, we anticipate needs and cut through red tape to respond to our clients' requirements.

With our wide knowledge and depth of experience in this field, we are uniquely equipped to find solutions to problems normally arising in the shipping industry.

We know our business and understand yours. That's why we become more than contractors – but an essential part of the client's team.

KGT Oil is supplier and manufacturer of bitumen base oil  naphtha fuel oil polymer sulphur in India UAE

Our product portfolio includes two main product groups, MGO and IFO. Within each group, we supply several different grades. Our terminal gives us the opportunity to blend and produce not only according to standard specifications, but also aimed at specific needs and requirements. Should you have a special request, please contact us and we will do our utmost to comply with your needs.

Marine Gas Oil – MGO

MGO is made from distillate only. Distillate fuel is extracted from the crude oil in the refinery. Distillate fuel needs very little treatment before use, and is suitable for wide range of engines; ranging from small ships to auxiliary engines on board. MGO is often referred to according to the parameters sulphur and cetane. MGO has same texture as the gasoline used for cars; a low density liquid.

We offer MGO at different sulphur levels, starting at 0.05% sulphur to DMA specifications. The most common grades being

• MGO DMA –max 1% sulphur 
• LS MGO –max 0.1% sulphur
• ULS MGO –max 0.05% sulphur

Intermediate Fuel Oil - IFO

IFO is made from a residual fuel, which is the product left after gasoline, gasoil, propane, lubricating oils etc. have been extracted at the refinery. Residual fuel is not usable as is and is treated and blended at the refinery before being referred to as IFO. IFO is suitable for mainly larger engines and ocean-going vessels. IFO is often referred to according to the viscosity, measured in centistokes; cSt. In texture IFO is a thick, sticky liquid with high density.

We offer IFO at different cSt levels, starting from 380cSt. The most common grades being

• 380cSt  
• 180cSt
• 120cSt

currently offers the following services:

Marine Oil Trading
OPS actively trades in MGO, IFO 180 and IFO 380 with both brokers and professional traders in the major trading centres of the bunkering industry worldwide. Please contact us for the latest opportunities.

Bunkering Services
All bunkering services provided by OPS are consistent with industry standards and best practices (such as SS600 Code of Practice and UAE equivalents) and include the full range of services, including catering, from pre- to actual to post-delivery and are priced very competitively. In some ports, the range of services is limited by the availability of local facilities.

Efficiency, safety and quality management are of prime importance to OPS and all our customers benefit from our strict adherence to industry benchmarks, best practices, and standards.